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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

December 11, 2012






Last week we went to the Swan Valley to get our Christmas tree. Poor DH had to saw the tree down in the heat as Lily and I just stood by! I love the fragrance of the fresh pine in our house and it’s a nice change to have a real tree in the house for Christmas this year.

Lily even has her own cardboard tree courtesy of Ikea. We thought it would be a good strategy so she wouldn’t try to play with the decorations on the proper tree! She has quite the eye in decorating don’t you think?

And next to our tree is the wreath I made last year. I have to confess though that I have never taken this down all year as I love it too much to only be a Christmas decoration!

Do you have a Christmas tree?

Big leaps

December 11, 2012





Sorry I’ve been absent of late. I’ve been extremely busy at work but things are starting to go back to normal again. Just in time for the holidays. Thank goodness!

I’d thought I post some fun pictures of Lily as she is really keen on jumping at the moment. Whether it’s diving in the pool or dancing on the deck or jumping her way through the shopping centre – she jumps EVERYWHERE!

Other than jumping, Lily has made some great leaps with her speech. She knows her colours and understands the concept of counting (she tries to count her toys). She is surprising me with words which I know I didn’t specifically teach her so I’m guessing she has picked it up from daycare or my parents.

I’m also loving that she is still into books. Her favourites at the moment are ‘The Rainbow Fish’ and ‘The Tiger who came to tea’.

So I guess I’ll be looking at getting her more books for Christmas. I still have to do most of my Christmas shopping…how is everyone else doing?

The Wiggles

December 2, 2012




It’s embarrassing to admit, but Lily is a big fan of the Wiggles. Along with not having plastic toys, eating non-organic food and using disposable nappies, the Wiggles was also something I thought my kids wouldn’t be subjecting themselves too. But like the other things, you start relaxing your attitude as a first time parent.

When Lily was 18 months and sick with the cold, only YouTube videos of the Wiggles would calm her. It then moved on to borrowing my friend’s kids’ Wiggles DVDs and now having her our own DVDs. So they have creeped into our lives and now a daily occurrence in our household.

And even though it is embarrassing, this band has really grown on me. Sure they are corny but their target market are toddlers and pre-school kids so they have to be! Their songs are very 60’s pop inspired and their lyrics are all educational and about subject matter that little ones understand: animals, colours, dancing etc. It’s also refreshing to listen to new music other than the typical nursery rhymes, which Lily can also bop around to. Sure we let Lily listen to our music too, but it’s cute that she has her own music and being a fan of a band that she identifies with.

Her current favourite songs are:

  • Do the Monkey
  • Hot Potato
  • Rock a Bye your Bear
  • Can you point your fingers and do the twist?

Last week, we even went to the new Perth Arena to see the Wiggles in concert as part of their celebratory tour. This will be the last time the original members will be touring so thought Lily should definitely see them live before the band changes. Lily was beyond excited when she saw them come out to the stage and to be in a crowd of thousands dancing away with Dorothy the dinosaur!

Are you a fan of any kid bands?

LOTD – {Blackout} Neon Pink in the rain

December 1, 2012





Skirt: Witchery
Shirt: Equipment
Jacket: Burberry (old)
Belt: Sass and Bide
Shoes: Witchery (old)

This is what I wore for on Wednesday and I thought “Heck I’m going to wear neon to work”. DH thought the skirt was way too bright but I told him to take a look at the latest Real Living magazine or the the Country Road catalogue – neon pink is everywhere!

I literally only had 1 minute to take these photos before the rain poured down! I already got caught in the rain earlier (hence the damp hair) and spent 10 minutes under a tree – but at least my clothes stayed dry!

Happy weekend everyone! We are off to get a Christmas tree today!

LOTD – {Blackout} Printed jeans and pink blazer

November 29, 2012


Jeans: Portmans
Blazer: Op shopped
Top: Dotti
Necklace: Op shopped
Sunglasses: Witchery (old)
Shoes: Witchery (old)
Balenciaga City

It’s been freezing here in Perth as we’ve been having some severe storms for the past two days! And it has been a challenge to not wear black during those days. I’m so committed that I refused to take my black umbrella or wear my black tights to work.

Here is I what I wore on Tuesday (a day when I’m on Mummy duties). The jeans are a bit of fun for summer. And the blazer and necklace you might remember from my Restyle challenge.

I’m wearing my brown sunglasses again as well because I developed this huge sore on my eye and thought it was conjunctivitis. Yuck! The doctor confirmed it was just a stye (I have never had one before!) so that is why I’m hiding my eyes. It only lasted a day and disappeared…thank goodness!

LOTD – {Blackout} Tangerine dress

November 27, 2012


Dress: Cue (old)
Necklace: Mimco (old)
Shoes: Wittner
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Sunglasses: Witchery (old)
Watch: Michael Kors

This is what I wore to work yesterday. If you follow me on Instagram, you would see that I’ve posted this Cue dress before as I love wearing this to work. It is very much inspired by this Alexander McQueen dress, but I actually prefer this dress with the additional pleat detail in the middle. And the bright Tangerine is anything but boring whilst I’m commuting to work amongst a sea of black.

The shoes I picked up recently in Wittner during their sales. Cap heels are everywhere but I really feel in love with the fresh mint colour.

I’ve also worn a lot of brown accessories to anchor the bright dress. And do you recognise my nappy bag? I still use it as a nappy bag but it’s also handy for work to carry my laptop.

What do you think of my non-black work outfit?

Black out

November 27, 2012

I was approached by Mon Amie to participate in a fashion challenge to not wear black for a week – starting on the 26th of November until December the 3rd.

I love and embrace colour wholeheartedly, but I still ultimately wear a lot of black. Reliable and always safe, it’s my anchor. Who doesn’t love their LBD and what other colour goes with absolutely EVERYTHING?

This is going to be mammoth task as I have so many black items including shoes, sunglasses, cardigans, gym gear, backpacks, handbags, belts, jewellery – all which I wear everyday. There will exceptions of course as I’m not bleaching my black hair or ditching my black mascara. But I’m confident that I’ll be able to ban most black.

I’ll be mainly posting on instagram and twitter (@sassandspice) as most of my outfits will be what I’ll be wearing to work. And aren’t most of us guilty of wearing too much black for corporate wear?

Be sure to also check out the other bloggers doing this challenge too on Mon Amie’s blog or by searching the hashtags #blackout, #anythingbutblack and #banningblack.

Wish me luck!