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Beaufort Street Festival 2012

November 20, 2012

I’ve been so flat out with work at the moment – so hence the lack of posts. I’m hoping things will calm down again so I can get back to blogging. I don’t want to compromise on time spent with Lily so blogging is on the back burner for now sorry!

Last Saturday though, I got to took some time out and spent the day at the Beaufort Street Festival (see last year’s post here).

Beaufort Street Festival is a celebration of the creative and quirky vibe which makes this street so famous in Perth. And each year it gets better. With the ‘build your own city out of cardboard’, face painting, animal farms and bouncy castles – I’m really glad it still was a family friendly event – even with the additional pop up bars.

I’ve never been to this festival as a non-parent (the very first Beaufort Street Festival was a few weeks after Lily was born) but I’m sure I would have spent it slowly walking up to every stall, sampling all the food, exploring the vintage markets, enjoying the fashion shows, bopping to some independent band and pop bar hopping.

Truth be told, events like these do make me wish I could attend without children as I spent most of my time frantically speeding past interesting stalls to make Lily happy. Toddlers and heat do not mix. Nor do snail pace checking out of stalls. She just wanted to see the animals…again and again! Maybe next year I’ll make sure DH gets to have Lily for a couple of hours so I can go exploring on my own – then it will be fun (and more relaxing) for me too!

How do you enjoy great events for yourself but make sure your children enjoy it too?

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