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Face match

October 16, 2012

Do you use iPhoto Faces? I noticed on my Mac that this application pops up prompting me to match faces featured on my photos. Most of the suggested matches are of me and Lily – which I think is pretty funny as most people think she looks more like my husband than me (although he isn’t Asian!). I’m also not sure what to think about my face being liken to a mischievous kid with a soap beard. What do you guys think?

Someone once told me that most babies tend to look more like their dads because back in caveman days this will immediately assure the guy that the kid was indeed his and to not go attacking and killing his own blood. I’m not too sure about that but I do know that during my 3D scan (at 33 weeks pregnant), everyone in the room could already see the resemblance to my husband. Even in utero, she had the same lips and facial expressions!

My mum thinks I look a lot like her now but when I was a child she couldn’t see anything but my Dad in me. However a few years ago, I was at a training course and this random man came up to me asking if I was a daughter of <insert my dad’s name here> as he worked with him 15 years ago and he couldn’t believe it when he saw me.

Do you think you look like your dad or your mum? Can you see yourself in your children?

Winner for the Westfield $100 giveaway gets chosen tomorrow at 9pm AEDT. Good luck!!!

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  1. October 17, 2012 4:26 am

    I am so my mothers daughter in looks! But so my fathers daughter in thought, attitude and meaning!

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