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June 25, 2012

Even though I’m back to pre-pregnancyweight, my body isn’t the same. Slathering on endless amounts of Bio Oil did nothing to prevent my ‘belly wrinkles’. My belly button has also widen and popped out. And I had the most perfect cute little innie as well.

I’m sure Miranda Kerr even has differences with her pre-baby and post-baby body. Even if they are microscopic…

“…This is your new body because you are a new person. You are now a mom and you need the right body to go along with the job.”

“…This belly…I see it as an empty nest…”

I got hold of this video through the Mamamia website and thought it was wonderful to see other post-baby bellies and hear the beautiful and interesting stories that go with them. And don’t all our post-baby bellies have amazing stories to tell?

How do you see feel about your post-baby belly? 

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  1. Popsi permalink
    June 27, 2012 10:38 pm

    I feel awful about it. After my second c-section, the area is all dark and bruised looking even two months afterwards. It’s so awful that even my husband said that if I wanted to have any correction done to it, he would be ok with it as he knows how badly I feel abou it (and he hates the idea of plastic surgery). It looks similar to Kate Gosselin’s belly after the birth of her kids and I’ve only got two!

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