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The Library resort

March 16, 2012

Images courtesy of the Library resort

We are off to Koh Samui in a week and a bit for a wedding. I’ve been helping the bridesmaid with organising a hen’s night which will possibly involve dinner at the Library resort. And I’m so excited about this because this is the place where I got married!

DH and I chose the Library resort because we fell in love with the minimalist and modern design – we definitely didn’t want something which screamed ‘tropical resort’! The red swimming pool isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but we loved that it was different and thought it was cool to have it as a wedding backdrop contrasting with the blue sea and white sand.

It means a lot to me to be able to show Lily where I got married. And kinda surreal thinking how it wasn’t that long ago yet Lily was just a twinkle in my eye!

Where did you get married? And have you taken your children there?

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  1. Nicole permalink
    March 17, 2012 6:28 am

    We got married overseas too, in Bali though. I LOVE LOVE destination weddings! I’m hoping that some of our friends start getting married soon, I’m dying to go to a wedding!

    We got married at The Istana in Uluwatu…. My 2yr old was with us plus I was 20 weeks pregnant so yep both kids were there!

    Have added The library to my favorites folder for destination weddings in the hope that someone gets married overseas! When we were planning our wedding I was worried about making everyone go overseas but we ended up with 70 guests and totally understand why everyone came as its a great excuse for everyone to have a holiday together.

  2. March 17, 2012 8:14 am

    Oh I’ve seen photos of the Istana in wedding magazines!! I’ve been telling my friends to get married there because it looks awesome! Did you get a wedding planner as well? It must have been extra special to share the occasion with your 2yr old and to have been pregnant too!

    I had around 90-100 guests (forgot the exact number now!) and was also worried to why everyone was coming but it was a good excuse for a holiday and hey the numbers certainly made it merrier!

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