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Who let the dogs out?

March 9, 2012

Source: via SassandSpice on Pinterest

I love these Magis dogs – especially the glow in the dark one! I think they would look quite cute in my living room or outside on the decking. I’ve also learnt recently that these dogs are toddler seats too – which is even better as Lily would be allowed to play with it!

Less than 3 weeks until we are in Koh Samui! My friends are getting married there and we are all very excited.

Last week, we got hit with some sad news about them though…their beloved dog died suddenly. They are devastated which must be even more difficult with having to also deal with the last minute wedding planning tasks and travel plans.

I was upset too as he was such a character and I grew very fond of him.

I think the timing of his passing is interesting though. How it happened just weeks before my friends were stepping into the next phase of their lives. Makes me wonder if somehow he knew that it wouldn’t have been easy for them if they have kids (he was a rescued dog and could still be aggressive)…

I’ve never had a dog. My parents had a dog but she passed away when mum was pregnant with me. Dad was too upset to ‘replace’ her. So even though I technically never met her, I feel bonded to her through all the funny stories and photos.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to have a ‘real dog’. But for now I’ll just have to settle for a plastic one!

Do you have a dog?

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  1. March 10, 2012 11:39 am

    Too cute. Reminds me of a magenta huge dog I saw in Venice years ago.

    We have our little monstrous ball of white fluff aptly named Loki and at first he was not interested in Logan at all but now he loves him. I’m sure that will change when the pulling of tails begins though!

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