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A hot and wet Australia Day

January 26, 2012

As my heart warms with pride on Australia Day, it seems that the mercury in Perth warmed up quite a bit too. It reached a whopping 40 degrees today. But now it is raining!

We spent the morning at the beach. Surrounded by little kids, with my feet still firmly on the ground, and the water only being waist-high, I felt confident that it would be safe for Lily to come in as the waves were crashing much closer to the shore (which weren’t very big anyway) and we were far enough to not get dunked.

And after a minute or two of her laughing and bobbing in the water with her dad (DH), I suddenly see this huge wave coming towards us and thought oh my god it looks like it will break on top of us! So I turned and shouted at DH before feeling this massive force strike my back and then getting sucked quite violently under the water.

As I was getting swept all I could think was that my poor baby was in trouble and what a foolish parent I was to even take her into the water*. It felt like I was under for eternity (in reality it was probably only 5 seconds). Usually this would be fun but it’s the total opposite as a parent knowing that your baby was somewhere under the water too.

As I felt the wave finally rush past, I stood up and squinted ** and felt a huge relief when I could make out that my husband was already standing up and holding onto Lily. Thank god! Frantically breathing, I run and hurdle over the crashing waves. I tried to make out the words to ask if Lily was okay or not. She looked very wet but thankfully wasn’t screaming or anything.

DH started pointing with a shocked expression on his face…

And then I realised my bikini top was down for all for the people on the beach to see! Mega embarrassment!

But modesty goes out of the window when all you can think of is your child. As long as she was safe I didn’t care how many people saw my boobs!!

Apparently Lily did go under but DH had her above the water for most of it…she knows to hold her breath under water….but geez I think next time we won’t be going near the waves with her again. Scary stuff!

How did you spend Australia Day?

I might have lost my modesty, but Lily certainly didn’t lose her appetite

* Lesson here is to avoid beaches with waves.

** I also lost my el cheapo sunnies. See I really thought I wouldn’t get dunked as I know better to leave these behind!

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  1. January 27, 2012 5:20 am

    You poor thing! I’m so glad Lily was okay, it would have terrified me to know my baby was possibly under the water. I’m glad she wasn’t too frightened either, but I guess they generally get over things pretty quickly at that age which helps.

  2. January 27, 2012 7:37 am

    oh no! which beach did you go to? We usually go to Coogee Beach which is a baby beach and never wavy and I’ve heard Mettams Pool in Trigg is suppose be super- I’m keen to check it out! I hate waves! haha

  3. January 30, 2012 2:25 pm

    Lila – Yes it was probably more frightening for me than her.

    Renee – We were at Mulluloo beach. First time to this beach so next time we will definitely go to a baby beach instead!

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