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A day with the koalas

January 12, 2012

Having a child definitely changes how you spend the weekend – it purely revolves around them! I remember thinking that kids were going to have fit around my lifestyle – which can only work to a degree. Kids need to be in places which are interesting and exciting to them and unless you want to endure endless crying and screaming – most of the day spent at a pub or restaurant probably won’t be on the agenda.

We took Lily to Yanchep (not Yangebup) National Park recently for this very reason. A chance for her to get some fresh air and get close to some wildlife. Having living in Perth most of my life it’s embarrassing to admit I’ve never been before.

So we packed a picnic (which is a novelty for me) and got to enjoy a walk with several cute koalas above us (Oooo extra novelty).

Lily now hates being in the pram for too long so it was great to let her run about on ample amounts of grass. She didn’t take too much notice of the koalas though (since they were above her eye level) but she did love the black cockatoos – but I was smitten too. They have such a majestic quality and presence about them. And the whole experience is made even more special knowing how rare they are.

How have kids changed how you spend the weekend?

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  1. Michelle permalink
    January 13, 2012 7:48 am

    Lovely pictures! I know what you mean by planning around entertaining your children! I’m hoping my 5 month old will soon develop an appreciation for wineries so that mummy and daddy can have a little holiday down south! I think the park is Yanchep, not Yangebup! We were there for a wedding in November and they had their ceremony right near the lake. Just lovely!

  2. Desert Darling permalink
    January 13, 2012 7:57 pm

    Truly gorgeous photos Sass.. Lily is a doll.
    Have never been there either.. will have to put in on the To Do List for later this year!

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