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The Lakes and Lindisfarne

October 22, 2011

Holidaying in England seems like a lifetime ago now. One of the highlights was site seeing around the Lake District and Lindisfarne (Holy Island). It’s easy to forget that England has vast amounts of beautiful countryside when you are staying in a city – so we were lucky to get out to explore.

Our first trip was up to Northumberland and to Lindisfarne. Lindisfarne was the place where a Irish monk established a monastery in medieval times and helped established the Christian religion in England. But it’s probably more known today for people needing to be rescued by helicopters every year due to the island’s causeway being flooded by the tide twice a day! However, given the potential ‘danger’, there were still a lot of families out and about with strollers and picnic baskets.

We also went to the Lake District and since I’ve heard numerous times that it’s a beautiful place, I had very high expectations. But I was glad that I wasn’t disappointed – it was stunning. I couldn’t believe how still the water was – like a huge mirror – and seeing all the different colours of the countryside was lovely. I was half expecting Peter Rabbit and his friends to come out!

The best thing was that Lily had a ball of a time! She couldn’t stop laughing (notice how I coordinated her outfit?) and pointing at all the wildlife. And because she still sleeps in the pram, we were even able to spend an evening in a 15th century pub (Church Inn) eating hearty food (including pheasant) and decent ale.

I hope to travel again soon. It’s definitely different travelling with a baby but it’s still is fun – you just have to be very well organised (e.g. packed food, toys etc) and fit activities around the baby’s schedule to avoid a cranky and tired baby.

Is anyone planning to travel soon?

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  1. October 22, 2011 10:36 pm

    what lovely photos– I love that one of you and her together!
    Thumbs up for the co-ordinated outfits!

    I have started daydreaming about taking a holiday to Turkey/Greece/Cyprus about this time next year.. We have close relatives in Turkey and I want to go before we have to start paying airfares for Bay! Not sure if it will be feasible financially, but I’m going to start crunching some numbers and see if we can’t make it happen- you have inspired me!

  2. October 23, 2011 5:45 am

    Such a nice photo of you and Lily.
    We are thinking 2013 for a trip to UK and Wales.
    Wales because that’s where some good friends of ours parents live.
    We will head over when they are over there.
    But who knows… it’s all down to money money money…

  3. October 25, 2011 9:10 pm

    DD- Ooo Turkey/Greece/Cyprus sounds idyllic! Definitely investigate as that would be a great holiday I’m sure!

    Sammie – UK/Wales sounds lovely too. I found that food was cheaper and if you got somewhere to stay for free, it could be more affordable than you think…

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