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Standing tall

August 26, 2011

Dear Lily

It’s been a great month despite all the changes with Mummy going back to work. You enjoy being at Nan’s (she spoils you with all the plastic toys that Mummy won’t buy), and you love playing with other babies at childcare.

You are crawling lots and pulling yourself up onto furniture to stand. In fact, Mummy can’t sit down for very long without you using her as a balancing beam to stand up!

You can clap on demand (i.e. when Mummy asks) and you are now pretty much eating what Mummy and Daddy eat – minus the spices of course! Your favourite food at the moment is lasagna.

Being ridden with colds (you nose is a permanent tap since starting childcare) and having three teeth coming through have caused some sleepless nights. But on the whole, you don’t seem to be too bothered with all the discomfort.

Since we aren’t spending everyday with each other anymore, it makes a big difference to Mummy knowing you are still happy and having lots of fun.

And we will certainly spend a lot of quality time with each other when we go to the UK next month!

Love Mummy

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