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Truffle week

August 5, 2011

What a busy week it has been! It started with me buying a new tumble dryer. There was no way our clothes were going to ever get dry with all the torrential rain we have been having here in Perth. So I snapped one up from Miele and I got invited to their showroom for a truffle cooking class run by Melbourne’s Vue Du Monde chefs.

Who would have thought something as mundane as purchasing a dryer would help me get invited to cooking class?!

I happen to really like truffles but doubt I can afford the amount required to attempt these dishes at home. Surprisingly, out of all the dishes, it was the truffle macaron which brought out the flavour from the truffles the most.

It was a good thing that I did make this truffle event as it turned out I had to skip the truffle festival this year as Lily was teething (her third tooth!) and she spent the whole weekend grumpy in bed. It’s a fantastic event though and I very much recommend if anyone is over in WA this time next year to definitely go to Mundaring to attend the festival. Even if truffles aren’t your thing, there are lots of other food stalls and cooking demonstrations to keep you entertained.

This week I also found out I got the job and I start work next week! Lily started child care today which is probably more stressful for me than it is for her. I spent the first 10 minutes loitering and making excuses to stay and she didn’t even notice I was around as she was too busy socialising with the other babies.

It’s hard to explain how I feel about going back to work. It’s only two days a week (initially) but I’m already ridden with guilt knowing that I won’t be with Lily everyday. I think I will enjoy the freedom of not having to worry and react suddenly to a cry or being on constant watch or having my whole day revolving around Lily’s sleep patterns though.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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  1. August 5, 2011 7:26 pm

    Congratulations on the job! I’m already not looking forward to having to return to work after my parental leave is up (and I haven’t even started it yet)! It sounds like Lily will be fine though.

    Also I am now going to the truffle festival next year. I’ve never been before but always been tempted and you’ve pushed me over the edge 🙂

  2. DesertDarling permalink
    August 6, 2011 12:02 am

    congratulations on getting the job!

    Would love to hear more about how you manage the work/motherhood balance, and any tips for daycare.. I am gearing up to return to work in October. Bay will be 8 months old. My guilt is palpable.

  3. August 6, 2011 10:29 am

    Congrats! Love the fish at the top. Like every one am fascinated to read about the balance….

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