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Bambini Pronto sale

June 12, 2011

Bambini Pronto are having a huge stocktale sale including 50% off Grobags. This is great timing as Lily has outgrown her 0-6 month ones and is needing another 2.5tog bag for the colder months. I got her the ‘A Grand Day Out’ Travel bag below.

Getting Lily to sleep in the pram is still a struggle. She can only be awake for 2 hours max still – which is difficult when she starts squawking and squealing when we are out so I have to head home. And of course she falls fast asleep in the car! I bought the ‘Snooze Shade’ also from Bambini Pronto and hopefully that might work with helping Lily sleep better in the pram. If it works, it will be wonderful to not have to rush home every 2 hours.

Images above courtesy of Bambini Pronto

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  1. Desert Darling permalink
    June 12, 2011 9:15 pm

    Ooh thanks for the heads up about the sale– I am on a self imposed spending ban at the moment.. but thinking maybe sales don’t count..? 🙂

    Not sure what you have already tried..? but I found the following helped Bay get used to sleeping in her pram– not that she is a GREAT pram sleeper, but she has improved.

    – For a few days leave the pram in her room and put her in there instead of her cot for her morning sleep, (or whichever is usually her longest, deepest, most ‘reliable’ sleep of the day). It helped ease her into the idea of pram as somewhere to sleep when it was the only change to her usual home sleep routine.. then when she is comfortable doing that, try moving it out into the living room or another part of the house for a week or so.. and then take your book or laptop and wheel her into veranda so she gets used to sleeping in the pram while outdoors (weather permitting).. Hopefully after a few weeks of having a pram nap in different parts of the house, she won’t fight it as much..?
    -I also have a fleecy fish blanket that she always sleeps on and I think maybe putting that down in her pram helps her associate the pram with sleep (or maybe I am just imagining it)
    – If you feel comfortable doing this, try putting her face down in the pram..? One of the girls at Mothers Grp does this and although it looks funny, it makes a huge difference to the length of her sleeps! I only do this if she is under my nose.. and it obviously this depends on your comfort level with tummy sleeping.

    umm okay well thats enough from me, I do realize that you didn’t actually ask for any suggestions!!
    Pls let me know how you go with the pram cover, as we are often out and about during the day and would love anything to make her sleep deeper in her pram.

  2. June 13, 2011 6:40 am

    I must remember gro-bags… I think a friend is going to give me some that she had for her daughter?
    But her daughter was an April baby and mine will be a September baby so might need different ones being different seasons?
    As for the pram sleeping – I like DD’s suggestions. My friends baby is a huge pram sleeper and if she is having trouble settling her then its off for a walk in the pram as she is normally asleep in seconds!
    I wonder what type of baby I will have?

  3. June 13, 2011 9:08 am

    Love the elephants on the sleep bag!
    I hope the shade works, I don’t have any pram sleeping tips as the pram is where used to put my two when they wouldn’t sleep any other way.

    • May 26, 2012 2:11 pm

      QUOTE. . . I know I’m in the minority on this one, but I sgrontly believe babies cry When They need to have. Even Though It May Be a huge inconvenience, if your child needs you by HIM I think That You Should Give to Him. You can try getting a sling so he can nap while you still move around. While it Requires to sacrifice When They are little (that’s the Meaning of parent I think LOL!) it is very good for your future relationship. It builds on bonds, Rather than communicating to your child who needs you for some reason, That You are unavailable and will not need to answer When He has. I know there are a lot of people who believe this is teaching a Child to be selfish, but, HAVING done it Both Ways myself, I very sgrontly disagree. Children learn to exercise Their Will During what we call the terrible 2 s (and 3 s as anyone with a 3 year old will tell you). Before That, When They Cry, They have to need. Their actions are natural responses to Their Needs. I Completely agree! The Most Even staunch advocates cry-it-out (eg Ferber) recommend waiting until a baby is at least one year old. You can not spoil a baby with love and comfort!

  4. June 14, 2011 8:12 pm

    DD – Thanks heaps for your tips. I was meant to ask that question but must have forgotten to post it (blame it on the pregnancy brain!). I have tried the first 2 tips before and they seem to work. The 3rd one is something new so I’ll try that. Lily does roll over to sleep now so maybe that is why she is having difficulty in the pram. But I guess if you do this you have to not use the 5 point harness belt?

    SS – Grobags are the bomb! But ridiculously expensive so always buy them when they are on sale. IMHO they are the most easy to clean and seem to be the most comfortable for babies to wear (zip is in the middle and is concealed etc)

    Lila – I already have the elephant in the 1.0 tog so had to buy the 2.5 one too. I hope the shade works too as DH is thinking I’m spending way too much $$$ on baby stuff atm!

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