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My routine

May 8, 2011

Are you a routine person? I personally don’t adhere well to routines but surprisingly Lily doesn’t seem to take after me because she thrives on it. Here is our typical week day (Lily at 4-6 months):

6.30 am – DH wakes up and has a shower.

7.00 am – By this time Lily would have woken up and DH would find her playing in her cot. He changes her, plays with her and gives her to me for her first milk feed, before he leaves for work.

7.20 am – I get out of bed and place Lily on her activity mat (formerly known as tummy time) while I have a shower and get ready. Usually she is content with playing on her own with music playing, but if she isn’t happy I’ll move her activity mat in front of my shower so she can see me.

8.00 am – I feed Lily breakfast (usually rice cereal as it is so easy to prepare) and then I eat my breakfast in front of her.

8.30 am – I read her a book on my lap and sing her nursery rhymes.

9.00 am –  I put Lily in her cot (unless she is tired earlier she would already be down) to sleep. Usually she self-settles pretty well at this time (i.e. I don’t need to rock her).

10.00 am – Lily usually has a one hour nap, but there are times (I wish they were more frequent!) when she has two. I try to rock her for 5 -10 minutes to see if she will go back to sleep and if she doesn’t, I’ll put her on mat to play with her toys. During her nap, I will finish getting ready and do any errands (e.g. laundry, washing up etc). If I’ve had a rough night, this is the time when I’ll take a nap!

11.00 am – Lily is pretty spot her with her 4 hourly feeds. She starts squawking on the hour to demand her milk. I usually change her nappy after a milk feed.

11.20 am – Lily plays with her toys while I catch up on emails and reading blogs. If we have no plans to go out (i.e. mother’s group, swimming, gymbaroo etc) I let her play on our new decking outside – she loves listening to the birds and looking up at the sky. I’m usually starving at this time so I eat my lunch early.

12.00 pm – I feed Lily lunch. She gets pretty hungry after watching me eat.

1.00 pm – In the afternoon, Lily has a 2 hour window before she gets cranky and tired. I put her in her cot when she shows me her ‘tired’ cues (we are still working on this by the way!). Sometimes, I plan long car trips around this time (i.e. driving to my parents takes 45 minutes!) as I know she will fall asleep in the car.

3.00 pm –  Lily wakes up (she has between an 1-2 hr nap) and I feed Lily milk.

3.20 pm  – Now that the weather is getting cooler, I will take Lily for a walk in the pram.

4.20 pm  – Get back home and I’ll play with her.

4.45 pm – Lily used to always a half an hour nap at this time, but now I’m finding she only does this every second day…I think this nap will probably be eliminated soon.

5.15 pm  – Lily wakes up and I’ll feed her dinner. This is the hardest block of the day as she is very cranky and moody during this time and won’t play on her own for very long. So it is lots of cuddles and singing!

5.30 pm – DH comes home and I literally throw Lily at him and rush to the gym. DH will bath her, play with her and read her a story.

6.30 pm – I come back home and give Lily a milk feed. DH goes for a run. I get started on dinner and then take Lily in her room for lots of cuddles to let her know it’s sleep time.

7.00 pm – I put Lily down for her sleep. Lately, Lily isn’t self-settling at this time and I since I’m not doing ‘controlled crying’, I have to rock her to bed. This can take up to an hour and a half on a bad day. DH usually comes back to see her go to sleep.

8.00 pm – DH and I get to spend time together usually watching a downloaded movie or an episode of  ‘Grand Designs’, while we eat dinner.

11.00 pm – I give Lily a ‘dreamfeed’ – which is basically a technique to wake the baby up gently (as opposed to waiting for the baby to tell you they are hungry, i.e. demand feeding) and offer them milk. This helps them to sleep through the night as they won’t wake up hungry. Lily is great at this time and goes back to bed straight away!

11.30 pm – I finally go to bed!

I’ve called this a ‘typical’ day but on most days I’m out and about as I don’t like being at home all day. But you get the idea of how my life is ruled by a little person who needs her sleep, food and attention!

If you have a routine, what is your ‘typical’ day like?

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  1. May 8, 2011 9:10 pm

    Your day sounds like it has a nice rhythm. Not much downtime for you- but that is being a mother isn’t it..? I applaud you for making it to the gym.
    three cheers for 2 hours naps!

    Just this week I have started writing down what we do and when we do it each day.. As I have never been a fan of routine but I figure there is probably more repitition to our days than I was realising.. and sure enough there is a definite pattern

    I have just started getting quite strict with our nighttime routine.. and it’s benefitting everyone.. our daytime routine is still a bit loose.. but is working okay for us at this stage as I like to get out and about during the daytime.

    Was interesting reading your daily timeline as gives me an idea of what to expect in the future!

  2. May 9, 2011 12:29 pm

    Thanks for sharing this post. My DD is a catnapper (no more than 45 mins at a time during the day) but sleeps 12 hours at night. Your routine sounds normal and makes mine feel more normal too. 🙂

    BTW, I just read your birth story and am so glad for you. You made some excellent decisions in a very hard situation based on your obviously thorough research.

  3. May 10, 2011 8:42 pm

    DD – hooray for your night routine! I was dead against a routine (besides feed, play,sleep) but like you have experienced it seems to be benefitting everyone.

    Superluminous – Thank you for visiting and your comment. Wow 12 hours is fantastic for the night and I’m sure your DD feels fantastic in the morning (and you of course too!). The research did indeed help me during the toughest moments of the birth. We are so blessed to have such beautiful healthy babies…I would do it all again!


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