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Going for ride on a big jet plane

May 2, 2011

This Thursday DH, Lily and I will be going to Brisbane to attend our dear friend’s wedding. Usually I would be super-excited, but instead I’m full of nerves. I just can’t stop thinking about the flight. I’m just dreading the evil looks from fellow passengers as we board our plane with Lily. I know we are going to get these looks because I used to be one of these people!

Perth to Brisbane is by no means a ‘short’ trip (5 hours?) and Lily is bound to get bored/tired during this time – which leads to monstrous screaming crying. Lily has a good set of lungs, but at home she doesn’t cry too much as she is usually good at sleeping in her cot. She is absolutely terrible when we are out and about in her stroller though.

So if you have any tips for flying with babies….let me know…as I need all the help I can get!!!

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  1. May 3, 2011 5:26 am

    No tips… But I do wish you luck and will be after your advice once the trip is done.
    I see lots of trips to Melbourne and back to Sydney in our future with a baby.
    I have heard that having something for them to ‘suck’ on during take off and landing can help though? A small bottle of milk? it is supposed to distract them and stop their ears from popping.
    Good Luck.

  2. May 3, 2011 8:45 am

    my sister in law does lots of traveling with her little one as she is a travel writer. She swears by little headphones/ ear muffs ( she thinks it helps her boy sleep longer, she noticed this when she used them at music festivals with him. She started traveling with her boy at 41/2 months. She has a bag full of toys/ rattles etc with her on the plane and gets to the airport early so that he can spend a lot of time crawling before he gets on the plane so he is tuckered out. She also gives him big feeds on the plane and uses one of his cot sheets/ rugs (which still smells of home so unwashed) when giving him a snuggle. Good luck!!

  3. May 3, 2011 3:01 pm

    I don’t have anything to add because there’s already some really good advice. But I will wish you the best of luck.

  4. May 3, 2011 6:48 pm

    I’ve done three flights with Bay now,
    So far it’s been totally uneventful.

    I usually give her something to suck on during take off and landing (usually my boob!)as it stops their ears from popping. Anytime she starts to grizzle or squawk I just stick her on the boob.
    The hosties are always really nice and helpful and give you lots of extra attention.
    Its great that your DH will be there too as he can help entertain her if necessary.

    Bay loves flying because
    1. There is all that white engine noise which makes her relaxed and sleepy
    2. They get to be held by Mum and/or Dad the WHOLE time. (the hosties will give you this little seatbelt attachment that loops through yours)
    3. She gets unlimited breastfeeds.

    What’s not to love!

    My other tips are travel light as possible, especially with regards to hand luggage.

    Take a sling or baby carrier for getting around the terminals and going through security as everything easier when you have both hands!

    I also always drape a scarf around my neck as it doubles as a cloth when its difficult to reach the one in your bag! Has many uses… discrete breastfeeding if you are sitting next to someone random on the plane, shading bubs head when you getting on and off or if sun coming in when you have to have your window open, disguising any vomit or drool on your clothes, keeping bub warm if cabin is cold..

    The other thing to remember about the other passangers if is that majority of them are probably parents themselves so would be totally understanding if she does have a screaming attack.. its only when kids running amok and parents not even trying to calm them down that its annoying.. when you can see parent is doing their best to calm them you just feel for the poor parent. Also even the loudest of crying is somewhat muffled by the jet engines.

    Also.. hope you don’t think less of me.. but I wouldnt be above giving her a dose of baby panadol for a longer flight like the one you are doing.. (I promise I do not routinely drug my baby but I have heard it helps them sleep)

    Good luck!

  5. May 4, 2011 11:32 pm

    Thanks for all the tips!

    Shoesammie – I’m sure your little girl will be quite the frequent flyer 🙂

    Anna – Those ear muffs sound (hehe) interesting…too bad I left it too late to write this post as I wouldn’t have minded trialling them.

    Lila – No problem and thanks for your comment!

    DD – Wow you are quite the experienced traveller! Now that Lily is older the boobie doesn’t solve all of her problems anymore, so I’ll definitely try it but I just hope she doesn’t get too annoyed at me!

    What a good idea about the scarf…I’ll need for one for Melbourne anyway.

    I don’t think less of you (re: panadol comment). I’ve actually bought panadol with me just in case! Let’s hope I don’t need to use it…

    Ahh can’t believe the flight is tomorrow and I’m still packing Lily’s gear! She has more clothes than me!

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