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Bugaboo Donkey

March 9, 2011

The new Bugaboo pram almost makes me want to try straight away for another baby…

It converts easily (‘three clicks’)  from a full-sized mono to a duo stroller so it will appeal to parents of one baby to one with two or twins.

I assumed it would be wider than the Bugaboo Cameleon but according to the website it says it is actually the same width. The pram has extra storage with a side basket as well as the underseat basket. It also has features the same ‘two-wheel’ position so it can be used on  rough terrain.

It isn’t released in Australia until late this year…so start saving (and er maybe ‘trying’) now!

Prices (from website)

mono configuration: 1089 € / 1199 $ / 899 £

in duo configuration: 1339 € / 1499 $ / 1099 £

in twin configuration: 1489 € / 1659 $ / 1219 £

Find out more on the Bugaboo Donkey website.

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