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Zoku Ice Pops

November 28, 2010

I came across the Zoku Quick Pop maker in a magazine, and now this is all I want for Christmas! It’s been so hot in Perth recently and since I’m still waiting for A/C to be installed in our bedrooms I am seriously craving anything frozen especially if it is sweet and can be made quickly.

According to Zoku, the Quick Pop maker freezes ice pops in 7 minutes after the base is stored in a freezer for 24 hours. You can even add yoghurt, nuts and fruit. The unit can make up to 9 pops before refreezing the unit again.

It retails for US$49.95. Visit their website at:

If in Australia you can get stockist information by contacting:

Images above courtesy of Zoku

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  1. November 28, 2010 6:59 pm

    This looks good! I want one now too!!!

  2. nattawadee m permalink
    May 12, 2011 3:09 pm

    I would like to know that you have dealer or sale it in Thailand.If you have,Please tell me where I can buy in Thailand.

  3. May 13, 2011 3:47 pm

    Nattawadee – I’m not sure where stockists will be in Thailand. Maybe try emailing the Australian stockists ( and they might be able to help you?

  4. December 15, 2011 8:52 pm

    i’m in perth too and want to buy for a friend.
    came across this page looking for stockists.
    will try the email address, thank you!

  5. December 18, 2011 11:06 pm

    Online kitchen store Everton stocks Zoku in Australia –

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