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My newborn essential items

November 21, 2010

When you are pregnant, it is so easy to get caught up with the gimmicks being sold. Every baby and family will obviously have different needs, but I thought I would share the items which have helped me during the first month (besides the mandatory items like car seat, nappies, cot etc).

1. Terry Cloth nappies –  I use these all the time as they are so absorbent and thus versatile. I use these regularly as burping cloths, wiping up spews or poo, a portable activity mat and as a pram liner.

2. Baby Bjorn carrier – I got given this second hand from a friend (same friend who gave me a bunch of terry cloth nappies as part of my baby shower hamper actually!), thinking that I wouldn’t use one if I had a good pram. Boy was I wrong. Essential item if you want to pop in the shops quickly and don’t want the effort in getting the pram out of the car. Lily also loves being upright on DH’s chest.

3. Pram – Well ‘duh’ you may say. But some mothers told me to withhold buying one until the baby is a couple of weeks old as some babies don’t like prams. I’m actually glad I bought one before Lily was born as it’s like a traveling sleeping bassinet and its great to push her around while I get to have some exercise. I have the Bugaboo Cameleon and I like how it moves so easily on bumpy paths or around tight corners in the shops. You can see my pram here.

4. Tommee Tippee Hygiene Plus Bin – I’m using disposable nappies at the moment and I’m finding this bin to be fantatic especially when I’m tired and can quickly throw Lily’s nappies away knowing they are all going to be individually wrapped in an antibacterial fragrance bag (without me typing a single knot). I’m allowed to be lazy at 3am!

Tommee Tippee Hygiene Plus bin – Image courtesy of Tommee Tippee

5. Sleeping bags – No matter how tightly I used to swaddle Lily in muslin cloths, she would end up kicking them off by the middle of the night so sleeping bags definitely give me peace of mind knowing she won’t get tangled or anything! It also helps to get her into a sleeping routine (they are her PJs basically).

I actually bought ergoPouch swaddle bags thinking Lily would want to be swaddled for the first few months at least. Well, she hates being swaddled now (as she loves sucking on her hands to settle herself) so I’m glad the ergoPouch converts to a sleeping bag so her arms are free. I also bought a Grobag sleeping bag as well.

ErgoPouch (ErgoCocoon) swaddle bag – Image courtesy of ErgoPouch

GroBag – Image courtesy of The Gro Company

6. Avent Breast Pump – As mentioned in this post, I love the flexibility and convinence of being able to express my milk so DH can do a feed (and I can sleep more!) or when I’m out and don’t want to be restricted to wearing ‘nursing appropriate’ clothes or breastfeeding in front of my friends (I haven’t learnt the art of breastfeeding discreetly yet).

7. Music player – After singing very badly for half an hour my vocal cords needs a rest so I plug my iPhone into some speakers and play my Yoga relaxation music (she got accustomed to this music during my pregnancy and my labour!). I find this music helps to settle her and prepares her for sleep-time.

So these are my essential items so far and I’m sure there will be many more that will be added as Lily’s needs grow!

I’ll love to hear if any other mothers have any other essential items they wish to share!

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