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Belly wrap products

September 24, 2010

Recently, I purchased two belly wrap products – for two very different purposes.

The first one is a the ‘Belly Button’ belly band (I couldn’t find an image on the net but it’s similar to the ‘Bando’ belly band below). I bought this band so I could still wear my existing tops without exposing my belly. The material is made to stretch – unlike other long singlets I’ve bought which have now lost their elasticity!

As you may know, I haven’t bought many maternity clothes so I’m finding the belly band to be a true blessing as I don’t have to pull my tops down and over-stretch them anymore.

Image courtesy of MetroMum

The second item I bought is the ‘Belly Bandit’ which works as an abdominal compression binder by helping to reduce the swelling of the uterus, decreasing bloating caused by water retention and providing support to legs and back. This then helps to flatten the belly, redefine the waistline, and provide strong support to relieve discomfort to weaken muscles.

Image courtesy of BellyBandit

It’s meant to be worn for 6-8 weeks continuously – which means you wear it to bed and only take it off when you go for a shower! Hmm should be another interesting experiment for me to see if this actually works. Read more about the BellyBandit here:

Image courtesy of BellyBandit

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