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My first stretch mark ;(

September 23, 2010

Woe is me! 35 weeks and I’ve spotted my first stretch mark!! I’ve been so so good with my ‘rubbing cream’ regime even though I knew that if you moisturise like crazy, at the end of the day, genes and hormones ultimately determine if you get stretch marks or not.

I’ve been doing my regime since I found out I was pregnant at 7 weeks and have never missed a day of excessive rubbing at least twice a day.

Yes, I do look like a fool basting myself with all these oils and creams but I’m a very nice smelling fool! DH does think I’m crazy but I told him it was my 9 month experiment.

It was rather $$$ but given that I’m a beauty product junkie and had to ditch my normal beauty regime which wasn’t suited for pregnant skin, it didn’t really add that much more to my normal budget.

Here are the products I’ve been using:

Image courtesy of Pharmacy Online

I’ve gone through bottles and bottles of Bio Oil. This is the product which is advertised widely (in Australia anyway) to prevent and reduce stretch marks so no doubt I got this straight away. I’m also using it on my face as a moisturising serum as well and will definitely continue using it post-pregnancy given that you get a 250ml bottle for under AU$40.00 and you don’t need to use a lot.

Image courtesy of Pharmacy Online

I’ve been using this cream after the Bio Oil has been absorbed on my belly, breasts, bum and thighs. I decided to use this cream as well after hearing people swore by this cream in preventing stretch marks. Main ingredients are cocoa butter, Vitamin E and collagen. From memory, its around AU$12.00.

Image courtesy of ePharmacy

I began to use this belly butter later in my second trimester after noticing it at a different pharmacy. I only use this at night, and as it melts so easily, I get my DH to rub in on my belly. Smells lush too. It’s around AU$14.00.

Image courtesy of Strawberrynet

Okay, this is a very expensive product (AU$100.00) but after reading a few beauty websites, I was sold on how the ‘patented formulation’ works to help produce new elastic collagen (i.e. reducing stretch marks being created) by delivering optimum and stabilised levels of Vitamin C. Obviously, it didn’t work for me but will probably would try this post-pregnancy to see if it reduces stretch marks.

Well, it was worth a try and at least my tummy has been well moisturised.  Lil bubs also enjoys twice daily massage she gets.

It would have been interesting to know if I would have gained more stretch marks if I didn’t use any products at all though.

Have any of you guys used these products before (or others) and believe they worked on preventing your stretch marks?

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  1. September 24, 2010 4:20 pm

    I think with only one stretch mark you aren’t doing too badly!! Though I know I will be gutted if (or more likely when) I get stretch marks.

    I have been using Bio Oil too. I feel like Im going through a lot of it! I’ve also been using it on my face.

    But I hadnt though to use it on my thighs.. are they supposed to get bigger too?!? Actually I thought my shorts seemed a big tighter in the leg but was hoping it was in my imagination 😦

  2. September 26, 2010 12:27 am

    I’m not 36 weeks so there is still time to get more, plus I’ve heard you can them after you have given birth! *sigh*

    I’m only using it on my thighs after other women telling me this area was also prone to stretch marks as well.

    I have no idea if my thighs have gained weight..they don’t look like it but everything now looks smaller compared to my bump.

    If you can still wear shorts I doubt you have gained that much on your thighs 😉

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