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September 15, 2010

It’s amazing to think I’m 34 weeks now…only 6 weeks to go! It’s strange to look back at when I was 6 weeks pregnant I suspected something wasn’t right with me (as I lost all appetite and would get extremely dizzy at work). I did a home pregnancy test and started crying when I saw the double line appear so quickly! I wasn’t upset, just an automatic reaction to when I was younger and never wanted that double line to appear…how things change 😉

Below is a picture of what the baby might look like at 34 weeks from the Babycentre website. I get emailed pictures weekly from this website, which also describes fetal development and pregnancy symptoms I’m likely to be experiencing for that week. Definitely worth signing up to especially if you are resource hungry like me. At least you will always remember how far along you are.

According to this site, at 34 weeks, my baby will be weigh more than 2.2kg and be around 45cm in length.

Image courtesy of Babycentre

I’m certainly getting bigger. I’ve gained a kilogram since I last saw my obstetrician 2 weeks ago and it’s pretty awkward trying to maneuver my huge belly to do even the most simplest of things. Here are some of the amusing ‘side-effects’ I’ve noticed with having a big bump which just gets in the way:

  • I can’t sit at my ‘normal’ distance from my desk to my computer and since the monitor is now further away it’s harder to see.
  • I can’t lie the laptop on my belly as it isn’t stable anymore – nor can I place it on my lap as my belly sticks too far and blocks the screen.
  • Picking up things from the floor is serious exercise now. I pant and sweat.
  • When standing up, I can’t see my toes anymore. I hence need a pedicure desperately.
  • I’ve ditched shoes with laces as it’s too difficult to bend down to tie them.
  • I now need to accommodate more space between me and the neighbouring car when parking, as otherwise it’s a tight squeeze to get out of the car.
  • I have to consciously remind myself to always pull out my seat (at dinner) much further than I’m usually use to.
  • I feel like cutting a huge hole in bed so when I’m sleeping on my left side my bump can fall through and I’ll feel horizontal again.
  • I take about 10 minutes getting out of bed, looking like one of those beetles or turtles who have rolled on their backs and awkwardly and desperately trying to get out of that position.

I promise to post some more pics of my bump soon!

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  1. September 20, 2010 6:10 pm

    Well done on making it to the end…I am seriously considering taking maternity leave early 🙂 Thanks for the heads up on the Babycentre website…I hadn’t come across it before and love the diagrams!

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