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Plastic wonderland

September 2, 2010

Decisions…Dilemmas!! This is seriously a lot harder than choosing my wedding dress or the subjects for my university major!

Buying baby toys such as activity gyms is not an easy feat – it’s like walking through hell. The major issue I have is that most are just so freakin’ ugly. Bright gaudy colours which make a multitude of ridiculous noises. Or plastered all over with some commercial character (think Dora the Explorer or Disney Winnie the Pooh) like a permanent billboard ad.

Are these obnoxious sensory-overloaded pimped-up toys necessary to keep my baby entertained? Is it possible to have Danish inspired minimal aesthetic toys which will pretty much do the same thing but not cause me to suffer from an epileptic seizure?

Maybe I’ve been naive for too long? I’ve always imagined that I can steer away from the masses and choose subtle and simple toys which will still do the trick but still look great. 

Here are examples of what I don’t mind:

Cariboo Wooden Baby Activity Gym

Ebulobo Crazy Wolf Baby Play Mat
Here are some examples of toys which I think are over the top:

EvenFlo ExerSaucer TripleFun Active Learning Centre Gym

EvenFlo ExerSaucer SmartSteps Active Learning Centre ABC 123
Images above courtesy of MetroMum

Is this too selfish of me to avoid these toys? Do I need to just accept that not every functional contraption is meant to blend with your existing furniture? Will my disgust at its hideousness go away when I see that it stops my baby from crying?

The two plastic toys above which I don’t like the look of have a lot of functionality including the development of  “…10 developmental milestones such as cause/effect understanding, hand-eye coordination and more…offers baby plenty of exercise with bounce, rock and swivel/spin actions.” Sounds pretty impressive!

What do you guys think? Keep looking or do I just need to build a bridge and get over it?

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  1. September 2, 2010 12:02 pm

    stay away from the plastic c**p… that’s my opinion!! 😀
    stick to toys & games that encourage creativity, your child will be so much more engaged & aware, & will thank you for it.

    I love ‘open ended’ toys, meaning toys which allow some creativity to determine how the bub/ child uses it. sooooo much better. plus, there are so many nasties in all that plastic- stick to natural wood & cloth toys, there are some really beautiful handmade toys out there.

    just my 2 bobs worth!!!

  2. September 2, 2010 12:17 pm

    LOVE the first one!
    A friend of mine invested in some lovely wooden things for her son, and then just borrowed the plastic stuff from the toy library every now and then. She said he would get sick of things after a couple of weeks so it was better to rotate them anyway.

  3. September 5, 2010 11:13 pm

    Good advice! I’m gong to try to avoid the plastic and if I do see something which is really ‘educational’ I’ll borrow it so I won’t be stuck with something ugly forever!

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