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Nappy/Diaper bag

August 12, 2010

It has taken a few months but I have finally decided on a nappy/diaper bag!  And no, it isn’t a Hermes Birkin unfortunately…

I was surprised at the cost of nappy bags and decided to get an investment bag which could be used for years to come as a non-nappy bag as well. I wanted something that I could use as an ‘everyday’, non-fussy and classic looking bag. It had to also look timeless and chic as well as being practical, roomy, and lightweight.

So needless to say, there weren’t too many nappy bags out there that fit this criteria.  Aesthetically, most were really colourful and obnoxious with cute prints.  They just weren’t simple or classic  enough to look like any other type of bag besides a nappy bag . I found that the only thing that really differentiated it from a normal big bag  (functionality-wise) was that it had many pockets and included a change mat. So, I decided to get a big (non-nappy) tote bag , a separate bag organiser (with multiple pockets) and change mat.

So I went back to my old faithful friend Louis Vuitton (LV), and have picked the Neverfull Damier Ebene. I don’t think it is as obvious or as popular as the Monogram or Damier Azur and I prefer the more subtle print and colour anyway. I also already own a couple of Monogram bags and wanted something different.

What I like most about this bag is it’s versatility. It is reversible (so I can have the red canvas on the outside) and the side laces allow me to tighten the bag into a more compact and structured shape. That’s like 3 different bags!

Hopefully the darker Damier will prove to be a better choice for me (the Azur is lovely though!), as I didn’t want to get too paranoid about getting it all dirty. I also think the classic brown colour will also suit a multitude of clothing choices compared to the Azur.

The bag comes in 3 sizes and are under A$1000 which is a great price for a LV! I’m still deciding whether to get the medium (MM) or large (GM) size though…

Images above courtesy of Louis Vuitton

When I was in Brisbane recently, I bought a bag organiser. A bag organiser is basically an inner bag with lots of compartments/pockets which you can place in a handbag. So if you have a lot of handbags like me this will save you time as you can change from one bag to another in seconds without fumbling for 10 minutes getting all your stuff out!

In Australia, there are a couple out on the market including BragBags and Cherry Blooms. I chose Cherry Blooms in the end as I personally liked how it could stand upright on it’s own and thought that would make it would be more stable in a big bag. I got the large size which was around A$40.00 and the pockets should be large enough to fit bottles and general baby stuff.

Image courtesy of Cherry Blooms

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  1. August 14, 2010 6:43 pm

    Got the MM size for the LV Neverfull bag. The GM didn’t seem as versatile as without the strings pulled in, it was gigantic and looked ridiculous on my shoulder!

  2. August 15, 2010 5:19 pm

    You are so right….Nappy Bags are expensive so an investment piece is a good idea….

    Looks like a gorgeous bag!

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