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Breastfeeding should be the law

August 4, 2010

Well, so says Brazilian supermodel and new mum Gisele Bundchen. 

Image courtesy of People Magazine

In an interview with UK Harper’s Bazaar magazine, she claims her fantastic post-pregnancy figure to due to meditation, kung-fu and breastfeeding.

The strong believer in breastfeeding goes on to say: 

“Some people here [in the US] think they don’t have to breastfeed, and I think ‘Are you going to give chemical food to your child when they are so little?…I think there should be a worldwide law, in my opinion, that mothers should breastfeed their babies for six months.”

Uh oh! BIG oopsies there Gisele! As you can imagine many people have responded angrily to her quotes. And why wouldn’t they? There is no doubt that breastfeeding is the best choice for mum and baby. However, do we have the right to marginalise and judge women who can’t breastfeed for whatever reason?

It isn’t a secret that breastfeeding can be the most natural, comforting and beautiful experience. But for some, it can be painful, exhausting and damn frustrating.

On Tuesday, Gisele switched on the damage control to release this on her blog

“My intention in making a comment about the importance of breastfeeding has nothing to do with the law… Becoming a new mom has brought a lot of questions, I feel like I am in a constant search for answers on what might be the best for my child.”

So what are my views? Well I’m going to try my hardest to breastfeed – that is my personal choice and goal. I’m definitely not going to pass judgement on those who haven’t though. However, I have no idea how I will actually go, so I’m open about switching to formula if I’m not successful with breastfeeding.

I can understand that Gisele’s comments could have been taken out of context but this only highlights that the breastfeeding debate is still very heated.

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  1. Lauren G permalink
    August 4, 2010 10:05 pm

    Great post – yes, this topic is still a very heated debate.

    In my case, it was the later – painful, exhausting and damn frustrating. I stuck it out for 9 weeks and then couldnt.

    Some ladies are luckier than others to be able to breastfeed their babies until 6 months or longer.

    Good luck with your experience.

  2. August 5, 2010 3:14 pm

    Thanks for sharing your experience Lauren G.

    I just wish that people (celebrity or not) aren’t so quick to judge.

  3. August 5, 2010 8:47 pm

    I breastfed for around 11 months. The first 2 weeks were agony with the grazing and both of us learning how to feed, I remember thinking the the pain will never go away but it did. I was thankful that my milk supply was good and I didn’t have mastitis (which was hell according to other mums in my mothers’ group).

    One mum in the group had great milk supply initially but her baby didn’t suckle properly and the milk dried up. She tried really hard to re-establish the milk flow (feeding + using a pump for 1/2 hr each side) but it never came back.

    My personal view is that it’s a shame if mothers do not give it a try, but I respect their choice. And for mothers who have difficulties beyond the initial period, don’t feel guilty for changing to bottle. The baby will benefit more from a happy mother than breast milk IMO.

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