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Roast chicken with polenta and mushroom sauce

July 1, 2010

Being from Western Australia it’s hard for me to avoid working in the resources industry so occasionally I have to take a 3 hour commute flight with no inflight entertainment. However, this is when I tend to catch up on my magazine reading  and thus boarded gleefully with the latest ‘Gourmet Traveller’ and ‘Wine Traveller’ in my hand.

After reading all about wine which I can’t currently drink, I turned to a recipe in Gourmet Traveller and was utterly convinced that I just HAD to reproduce this Bistro Vue dish when I got home – Roast chicken with polenta and mushroom sauce. I love polenta but thought I didn’t have the time and patience to make it but didn’t think this recipe looked too hard.  I also remembered the last time I dined at Vue de monde and was totally blown away with absolutely everything I ate so assumed this dish would be super tasty.

My Roast chicken with polenta and mushroom sauce dish

When I got home, DH suggested we do a ‘World Cup Master chef challenge’ (i.e cooking a meal every night based on one of the countries which were playing), so I chose this make this dish for when Italy was due to play. Heck, I don’t even know if it was strictly ‘Italian’ but I wanted an excuse to make it anyway. So after driving around to get the ingredients including a stop at the ‘Drive by liquor store’ (don’t you just love this concept in Australia?) to get some Madeira, I locked myself in the kitchen for around 3 hours preparing my gourmet feast with toilful but loving care.

We weren’t disappointed, the dish was exquisite as expected. Warm, comforting and humble – perfect for winter. The softness of the buttery polenta was well-balanced with the texture and flavours of the roast chicken. The intense flavour of the mushrooms also provided depth and lift to the dish.

Definitely not something I could do every week but certainly had a lot of fun preparing it!

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