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Miss Snotty

June 24, 2010

Yuck. I’ve felt disgusting all week. I’ve been speaking like I’m an 100 year old Scarlett Johanssen with lung cancer – only I’ve been coughing up things which resemble oysters. Ewww…sorry for that gross form of imagery there!

I’ve had a cold/flu (whatever) for the past week and even though I’m back at work, this parasite of a sickness still won’t leave me (I am getting better though!). Given that I’m 22 weeks pregnant I can’t take most cold and flu tablets due to the active ingredient ‘pseudoephedrine’ which can cause blood vessel constriction – i.e. not good for the placenta and thus the baby.

I’ve bought a bottle of ‘Benadryl Mucus cough relief’ which doesn’t have pseudoephedrine but I’m hesitate to take this given that I want to abstain from as much medication as possible. However, if this continues or gets worst I really should take something as staying sick for too long isn’t doing me or the baby any good!

Hope everyone else is having a better time avoiding the cold/flu than me!

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