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Channel your inner fairy

June 24, 2010

Fashionista Suri Cruise never gets it wrong does she? Well, except for the smeared lipstick and the wrong sized shoes she wears occassionally. I guess celebrities can’t be perfect all the time. I wonder if she would ever take that surly expression off her face and smile to the paparazzi one day though?

Image courtesy of Popsugar

Suri’s tutu outfit has inspired me to get my ‘Miss Selfridges’ tutu  (that I originally bought to wear under dresses) to wear around the house and cheer me up from being sick and moody.

i.e. lift me up from being a miserable nasty cow to a sweet princess again.

I’m also wearing Forever New white lace tights, Nude ankle boots (Zomp), 2K t-shirt, Sportsgirl bib necklace and a AnnaRita N leather jacket.

I even had the balls to leave the house and go grocery shopping in this outfit! Total madness but so much fun!

I’m sure you aren’t as crazy as me, but don’ t you think tutus are so delightful on little girls? Here are some great tutus I found from Tutu du Monde.

Images courtesy of Tutu Du Monde

Aww so very pretty!

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