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To do list

June 21, 2010

Here is my current ‘to do list’ for the baby. I think I’ve got the ‘big stuff’ out of the way but there is still a long way to go. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not the type to buy nappies/diapers or baby lotions early (i.e. a little every week) because they are on sale! Or is something I need to get started on now?

Will be great to hear from other mums, especially if I’m missing something essential from this list!

Sofa bed
Chest of draws
Change table (DH needs to make this to sit on top of chest of draws)
Caterpillar wall decal
Draw for under cot
Cot accessories (e.g. mobile, blankets etc)
Baby bath
Baby toys
Baby books
Baby sling/carrier
Feeding chair
Breast pump (friend gave me one as present)
Other wall decals
Baby clothes (I probably need a separate list for this!)
Baby products (e.g. creams, wipes etc)
New hatchback car (DH’s request, coming in November)
Nappy bag
Car seat
Cordless phone
Baby music
High chair
Dryer ?
iPhone speakers ?
Thermometer ?
Portable cot?
Baby monitor?
Fan? (room gets hot in summer)

First book I’ve purchased for the baby!

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