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My Wedding Style – Flowers

June 11, 2010

Here are some of the beautiful flowers I had at my wedding in January in Koh Samui. I didn’t have a florist so I had to quickly learn the name of different flowers in Thailand and work with the wedding planner (via email) with how to arrange them all. I felt like I obtained a floriculture & floristry degree as well as planning a great wedding!

My bouquet was green Cymbidium orchids. The resort got my colours all wrong for the ribbon! Luckily my sister had a satin belt that was the same colour as the pink on the flowers – so we used that instead. My bouquet deteriorated during the bouquet throw though. The poor girls ended up fighting over the loose petals!

The bridesmaids carried closed white lotus blossoms  for their bouquets. When the flowers are closed they have a green tinge so that worked well with my colour scheme.  The lotus is Thailand’s most common and important flower.  It is found growing in muddy waters, yet emerges from them pure and unblemished. This rich symbolism of purity and enlightenment has embellished Thai culture since ancient times and Thai Buddhists always use the lotus in paying homage to the image of the Buddha.

I’m not sure if you can see clearly, but the flowers tied to the chiffon are white open lotus blossoms.

Balls of white Dendrobium orchids decorated the aisle and altar.

White Phalaenopsis orchids were used to decorate my hair. These orchids were also submersed in cylinder glass vases to decorate the reception tables.

Green Cymbidium orchids were also used to decorate the reception tables. The groomsmen and family members also had these flowers for their buttonholes.

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