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Moroccan/Persian baby shower party theme

June 3, 2010

With the new Sex and the City 2 (SATC 2) and Prince of Persia movies coming out recently, wouldn’t it be fitting to do either a baby shower or a hen’s night with a Moroccan or Persian party theme? And I’m not talking about getting your guests to dress up as ‘Aladdin’ or ‘I dream of Jeannie’ either!

Just look at the below scene from SATC 2? Doesn’t it just paint a picture of casual elegance and refinement?  I like how this set-up allows the girls to take their shoes off, sit down, and casually mingle amongst the exotic decor.

Image courtesy of Sex and the City 2

Okay, minus the Halson Heritage/Dior outfits and personal butlers, I don’t think setting up something like this either indoors or outdoors will be too difficult. Here are some of my ideas to achieve this look:

Lots of cushions, different sizes. You can go with all white/grey like SATC 2 or go with more dramatic colours such as deep purple or pink, and royal blue. Try to get a couple of cushions with some statement pattern or fabric detailing which will go with the theme (i.e. Velvet, Moorish motif, silk, fringing etc)

Rugs. For the guests to sit down on. Simple white/cream should do or you can use turkish/middle eastern rugs (obviously!).

Moroccan tea sets. You can find Moroccan brass tea trays, bowls, teapots and glasses on eBay or sites such as  or Something’s Brewing.

Images courtesy of Something’s Brewing

Food/drink. I would serve Marrakesh mint tea and Cardamon coffee – oh and champagne of course too! Serving snacks (doesn’t have to be a strictly Moroccan theme) such as dried apricots, dates, peanuts, chocolate, biscuits and turkish delight will be fine for a simple get together. Or you can make a Tagine dish (I actually made a Tagine apricot chicken dish last week so can provide the recipe in my next post).

 Other assessories – If you want to really impress, you can decorate the room or the backyard with either white fabric to enclose the area or hire a small marquee and include more assessories such as lanterns and candles.

As Samantha from SATC would say, “I can hear the decandence calling!”

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