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And the results are….

May 31, 2010

My weekend has been insane! On Saturday I had my 19 week scan and then was in and out of hardware stores and supermarkets. Sunday I had breaky with a couple of girlfriends who are also pregnant (so we were all pigging out!) and then had to go to a jewellery party before making dinner for my folks.

The scan went really well but I didn’t think the scan pictures were as good as the 12 week scan as the baby is a lot bigger now so you only really get to see the head in one shot and then the hands and feet in another shot.

They counted all the fingers and toes, showed us the blood flow to and from the baby’s heart, checked the brain, skull, spine, bladder and kidneys. And this time I managed to not embarrass myself by crying myself silly!

Anyway, we decided to find out the sex as DH couldn’t be patient any longer! All along we thought it was a boy but strangely enough the night before the scan I had a dream of a little girl playing with a toy train so changed my mind on the morning…

Drum roll please….

Team Pink! I’m having a baby girl!!! 🙂

So I’ve proved the old wives’ tales to be wrong!!

Image courtesy of jennypenny386

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