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Lets talk about sex

May 28, 2010

It seems that everyone I’ve talked to recently has an opinion about sex. It doesn’t matter if they are my best friends, or if they were just randoms I meet at a pub – everyone has an opinion! An opinion on sex in terms of the gender of the baby that is – whether or not I should find out…

My 19 week scan is scheduled for tomorrow.  I’m SOO SOO SOO EXCITED! Anyway, at this scan, the sex of the baby can now be determined. Of course this depends if the baby is willing to show himself/herself  as sometimes the doctors aren’t able to tell the sex due to the position of the baby. The doctor’s assessment isn’t a 100% guarantee either- however it is pretty accurate. So what am I going to do?

People with the view that I SHOULD NOT find out say there are a few things in life that are surprises. Some have also said that it’s the ‘natural’ way (i.e. to not find out) and the whole guessing game is part of the fun during the 9 month journey.

People with the view that I SHOULD find out say it helps you prepare easier as you won’t be limited to buying neutral coloured clothes or neutral themes for the nursery. Also, the chore of choosing potential names will be cut in half. Mothers who did find out also say it helps them to ‘bond’ with the baby earlier as they can start identifying the baby as a ‘he or ‘she’.

So obviously there is no wrong or right answer – just depends on your personality and situation.

I’m an impatient person. I’m also feeling a lot of uncertainity as this is my first pregnancy .So, I’ve decided I’m going to find out the sex! I’m not really into surprises either and I personally think seeing the baby for the first time will be a big enough surprise! However, we are still deciding on whether we will tell other people or not…

Image courtesy of Josephine Casanova via Flickr

Anyway, I’ve done this quiz based on old wive’s tales (quiz can be found here) just for fun. It will be interesting to see how accurate this is tomorrow!

Linea Nigra (line that appears on your belly when pregnant)“if you get a línea nigra and it runs from your pubic area to your belly button only, it’s a girl, and if it goes all the way up from your pubic area to the bottom-most part of you rib cage, then it’s a boy.”

I don’t have Linea Nigra yet – Boy or Girl

Carrying High or Low?“if you are carrying low, it’s a boy, or if you’re carrying high it’s a girl.”

Carrying High – Boy

Dry or Soft?“If your skin is dry, you’re said to be having a boy – and if it’s soft, then a girl…”

Dry skin – Boy

Baby’s Heartrate?“… if you’re carrying a girl, then baby’s heartrate will be above 140bpm (beats per minute). A boy is said to have a heart rate under 140bpm.”

Above 140bpm – Girl

Your Hair“Dull is for girl, glossy is for boy

Glossy – Boy

Where Are You Carrying Extra Weight? “If you are carrying extra weight at the front, then you’re having a boy… but if you are carrying extra weight on your bum and hips, then you have been carrying a girl”

Front – Boy

Maths – “if you combine your age at the time of conception with the number of the month you conceived and the resulting number is odd – then it’s a girl on the way.”

Even – Boy

Sweet, Salty or Sour?“…craving sweet foods like juice, fruits and chocolate? if so, old wives say that you could be having a girl. But if you’re craving sour or salty foods, then you could be having a boy.”

Sweet – Girl

Wedding ring – “Get your wedding ring (or other ring/needle/pin) and attach it with a strand of your hair or some string. Lie down and dangle the ring over your belly. If it starts moving in circles, you are having a boy, or if it moves like a pendulum from side to side, then you are having a girl.”

Circles – Boy

Morning sickness – “If you didn’t have morning sickness you will be having a boy”

No morning sickness – Boy

Cold Feet“If you have colder feet you will be having boy”

Cold Feet (but it’s winter!) – Boy

Partner’s weight“If you partner has put on sympathy weight, you will be having a girl”

No – Boy

The  breast test“If you have larger left breast it will be a girl”

Left bigger – Girl

North or South – “When you sleep, is your pillow north or south?”


Pimples “If you have pimples, you will have a girl”

I have a lot of pimples – Girl!

Left of Right“Do you usually sleep on your right, then you will have a girl.”

Right – Girl

Wee – “If it is yellow, you will be having a boy”

I’m not going to answer this one as I’m urinating all the time so the colour changes!

Your Belly“A basketball or a watermelon? Because if it looks more like a basketball, then old wives say boy.”

I can’t answer this either as it looks like neither! I’m not that big yet!

Hairy legs “Are the hair on your legs growing faster than usual, if so you will be having a boy.”

Same rate – Girl

Guess “Apparently 71% of women guessed the correct gender.”

My guess is a boy – Boy

10 for Boys and 6 for Girls…So will it be a boy?? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post to see if my quiz results were right!

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