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Honeymoon in Koh Samui

May 19, 2010

Oh how I’m missing Koh Samui right now. I’m missing everything from the food, warm weather, the super friendly locals and the crazy tourists. Here are some pictures of the beautiful Sala Samui resort which we stayed at for our honeymoon. This place was so perfect for us to relax and unwind after our wedding (did I mention I went to the the Full Moon party in Koh Phangan a day after my wedding? LOL!!). My Obstetrician also pointed out that this place was obviously great for making babies…:-P

Our own private pool

Outdoor bath

Outdoor bathroom

As you can see, nearly everything (well besides for the bed) is outside and very private. We were lucky to have such nice warm weather so we could spend most of our time in the pool or walk along the beach. One of our wedding guests gave us a 2 hour spa treatment at this resort as a gift, and it was definitely the best spa/massage treatment I’ve ever had…I can only describe it as total bliss! Soothing aromas of lemongrass and kaffir lime greeted us as we entered this spa sanctury and 2 hours later we felt so refreshed and totally relaxed –  we were floating on air like Thai sky lanterns!

It sure beats hanging out with the rest of my wedding crew who were still suffering from the Full moon party in budget accommodation on Chaweng beach…

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