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Yet another *hormonal* weekend!

May 17, 2010

Now before you roll your eyes and press the ‘back’ button on your browser, I just want to say this isn’t just another ‘PMS’ whinge but a ‘pregnancy hormonal’ whinge which is 10 times worst than any PMS I’ve ever experienced! Coupled with the fact that I’m not allowed to drink alcohol and eat a whole bunch of food which I really really like (Brie, sushi, aioli, medium rare steak/lamb/salmon oh I miss you!) makes me a pretty pissed-off woman.

So when most of your friends are socialising at the pub and invite you along, you go as you want to catch up with everyone and enjoy yourself. You don’t want to be seen as ‘one of them’…you know, the girl that changes once she gets married or has kids etc.

However, the night gets to a point when you aren’t tipsy/drunk/smashed like the rest of your mates, and you start noticing all the idiots around and then the night progresses and it is your own friends that become embarrassing. You feel left out!  And, knowing the night is going to end with you being the designated driver (once again) and putting up with the pointless conversations and being the one to look after your friends due to their drunken behaviour doesn’t really make it a great night for yourself!

Last weekend for example I had to look after a girlfriend who ended up falling over everywhere because she refused to take off her broken shoes, was close to throwing up at every bar we went to, tried to hook up with my ex work colleague and when I thought that I had safely allocated him responsibility they both turn up on my doorstop because she left her bag at my house and then both wouldn’t leave for half an hour because they were hungry! Er…this was after me telling them that I will drop their bags in the morning…it was 2AM and I needed sleep! So I snapped at them…er and me being usually timid…I think they were kinda surprised. Well at least they left me in peace after that!

Don’t get me wrong, I love love love my friends and I know I’m not exactly Miss Intellectual or Ms Cool when I’m drunk! But seriously, when everyone else around you is tipsy and happy, how can you expect to have a good time when you are the only sober one and the one expected to look after them all especially when you have turned into a fiery hormonal dragon lady?

This has been happening for more than 2 months now. And, I have now decided that I’m not going to go out every single weekend just so I don’t feel left out anymore. Geez, I am pregnant after all so I’ve got an excuse to think about myself for once! Plus, I know I will find other things to do with my friends…there are other things to do besides going to the pub and hitting bars. So even though I’m hanging up my party shoes (for now anyway), I celebrated on Sunday by buying some new furniture (more info about that soon) and finally planting my Everlasting flower seedings. Hopefully, they will bloom in Spring just in time when the baby is due! Sorry about the long whinge – I’m pregnant after all 🙂

Everlastings that I saw last year in Kings Park

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